Point of sale financing is when a merchant offers financing to customers as an alternative to a credit or debit card. Much like a consumer financing a car purchase from a dealer, financing is available for retail purchases, home improvement services and healthcare.

FinFi enables merchants like retailers, home improvement contractors and healthcare providers to offer financing to their consumers, making purchases more affordable with buy now pay over time payment options.

FinFi offers installment loans, revolving lines of credit (credit cards), no interest promotions and lease-to-own products.

Your customers complete one easy application to prequalify for financing offers from our multiple lending partners, without it affecting their credit. In real time, your customers are presented with prequalified offers to review before making a selection. When a customer accepts an offer, a hard credit pull is performed to approve the applicant and complete the transaction.

Customers can complete a contactless application on their own device from home, in an office, or in a store. 

There are no customer fees and there is no hard credit pull for customers to receive prequalified offers. Only after an offer is selected will a hard credit pull occur.

As part of the FinFi merchant underwriting process, our lenders require merchants to provide details including Federal Tax ID number, company owner’s social security number, and annual revenue in addition to basic contact information.

Once your application is approved, you’ll be asked to provide bank account details so you can receive direct deposit payments.

FinFi’s platform is “direct to merchant” which means once your customer is approved for financing, the merchant receives payment. Payments are made directly to a merchant’s bank account through electronic ACH.

Start offering financing in as little as 24 hours!

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