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How to Plan a Bathroom Remodel

A bathroom remodel is often cited as being a home renovation project that delivers a high return on investment. But, unless you are planning to stay in your home for a long time, keep in mind that major, high-ticket cost upgrades, do not always necessarily yield the best returns. However, the bathroom is one of the most used spaces in our homes. Carefully considering the design of your remodel and implementing upgrades that work for your family is well worth the time and effort.

What are your bathroom needs?

Some things to consider before planning your remodel are how you use your bathroom, who uses your bathroom and how long do you plan on being in your home. Some people use their bathrooms as a retreat. They want to use the space as a way to relax after a long day with a hot soak in the tub and a glass of wine. Others bathrooms function as a shared space where family members quickly shower and go. Think about what your key priorities are and what features will work best for your needs.

Consider a universal design 

If your bathroom is being used by an older family member, implementing a universal design to the space is a good idea. Think about creating a space that will serve people of all ages and abilities. This can increase the safety as well as the value of your home. There are some key features to consider when implementing a universal design in your bathroom remodel. You can widen the door to make it wheelchair accessible. Install electrical switches that can be reached from sitting level. Replace your toilet with a comfort height fixture and the bathtub with a walk-in shower. You can even install a fold-out seat in the shower along with support bars. 

Decide on your budget

Sometimes even the most simple of improvements can make a big difference. Small projects can include caulking the tub or re-grouting the tile floor. You can also install new bathroom fixtures to brighten up the space and give it more appeal. Adding a new toilet is a fairly cheap upgrade as well. You could even add new flooring, mirrors or new vanity countertop for less than $1,000. Or simply add new paint or light fixtures to spruce up the space. If you are wanting to spend big bucks, be sure you have a a firm grasp on what is realistic for the space you have. Make sure you have a specific layout and design planned before beginning your project.

DIY or hire a contractor?

Of course, it is always cheaper to DIY a home renovation project. But, will you be sacrificing quality in order to do so? Shop around for estimates from different contractors. While labor can account for a lot of the cost if you hire a contractor, some larger projects are best left done by professionals. This can include electrical work, waterproofing or structural changes. 

Like any other home improvement project, a bathroom remodel will require careful planning on your part. While the planning process may seem tedious, it is better than spending way more than you can afford. Or putting in effort and money into a project you are less than pleased with.