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Social Networking Tips for Home Improvement Companies

A presence on social networking sites is becoming a necessity for home improvement companies. Even if you prefer doing things old school, there’s no denying that a social media presence works in building brand awareness. In addition, if you choose, it allows you to run targeted marketing campaigns. But, will this time invested in social networking help you generate more business? Although you may feel like you are not getting many qualified leads directly from your social media accounts, keep in mind that many people check these pages to see reviews and updates on your business. Visual content can be very powerful, especially in an industry like home improvement.

While there are plenty of opportunities to network on social media platforms without any money coming out of your pocket, applying for membership on a home improvement-specific site, like may be worth the investment. If you aren’t ready to take that dive yet, here are some tips to help you manage your internet presence effectively.


Make sure your branding and handles are the same across networks so that you are easily recognized and found. Make sure that you post regularly across your chosen platforms, at least three times a week. Don’t feel like you need to be active on every single social media channel. Choose a couple that you are comfortable with and will likely have the best reach to potential clients.


Make use of hashtags. Using hashtags can increase engagement and boost likes, shares, and comments. Hashtags let social media users find specific content. For example, if you are posting an image of a remodeled kitchen you just completed, using #kitchenremodel and #kitchenrenovation can help your post gain more visibility from users looking for inspiration. Just keep in mind, try to keep the hashtag short and don’t use symbols, spaces, or punctuation, as the hashtag won’t work.

Share a mix of content

Sure, you want to self promote, but also try to mix it up. Share articles, how-to videos or blogs specific to your industry. Post before and after photos of your work or ask clients for testimonials and post those along with images. Post photos of progress you have made on a project. You can even throw in some humorous posts, just to keep it light and change it up a little.

Network, communicate, and stay active

Ask clients to leave reviews. Invite friends, family, and employees to like your page. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t have a big following right away, building your network can take time. Be sure you stay active and respond to comments and reviews, both positive and negative ones. This lets your audience know that you care and are engaged.

Make use of a social media dashboard

You can use a platform like Loomly or Hootsuite to manage your accounts. As you become more comfortable with social networking, you can then add more social media platforms to your mix and manage all your accounts in one place.

If you aren’t familiar with social media, getting started can be a little daunting. Don’t be shy about asking for help, it is almost guaranteed you have a social media savvy person in your life you could turn to for pointers. Or, do a quick google search and read some blogs or watch videos about how to increase traffic to your page. The important thing is, that you get your company’s name out there and let people know what you do and that you do it well.