Closing a deal
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Closing the Deal: Pro Contractor Tips

Whether your lead has come to you organically or if you have used a service to find potential customers, the task of closing the deal is on you. While it may seem like often, closing a deal comes down to winning a price bidding war, that approach ignores other key factors that contribute to why a potential client will choose you over competitors. Consumers are motivated by factors beyond just price. While there is no doubt price is a big factor in a homeowner’s decision-making process when choosing a contractor to work with, there is no denying that you are not only selling your product/services, you are selling yourself. 

So, what are some steps you can take to earn a potential client’s trust? 

Be prompt

Homeowners don’t want to feel like you are too busy for them. If someone reaches out or makes an inquiry, be swift in your response. In fact, according to an audit of over 2,000 companies, those who responded within an hour to incoming leads were nearly seven times more likely to qualify the lead than companies who waited longer than an hour. And they were a whopping 60 times more likely to qualify the lead than those who waited 24 hours or longer. Although this audit was only of companies that were acquiring their leads through an online brokerage, it’s safe to say that swiftness in reaching out to potential clients is crucial. 

Be straightforward

People appreciate honesty. No one wants to start a project thinking it will cost them a certain amount only to have their contractor tack on extra costs as the project progresses. Be upfront about the total cost of the project from the get-go. Not only does this establish trust with your customer, it sets the project up for success by letting the homeowner analyze the entire scope of the project. This also lets the homeowner know that they can trust you to follow through on what you commit to deliver. It is key to building good customer relationships, which leads us to number three on this list.

Build good customer relationships

You do this by practicing #1 and #2 on this list. Be approachable and friendly. Now, more than ever probably, a vast number of people rely on reviews they see online to form their decisions. Remember, it is not only cost that drives decision-making, people want to work with a contractor they feel comfortable with, someone who they can trust. Often, this trust and relatability factor is more pertinent than the actual bottom line of what the project will cost. Be sure you are treating your customers with respect. Let them see that you are truly hearing them regarding their needs and concerns.

Be a wealth of knowledge

Lastly, know your stuff. Know your industry in and out. Be up to date on the latest trends. Sure, people can look anything they want up on their phone, but what is more instantly gratifying than having the expert right there in front of them to answer their questions? Not only about the industry, but also be familiar with what your competitors are doing, know about any special deals they may be offering. If you are offering financing, make sure your sales people are fully trained to assist your clients throughout the entire process. People want to know they can rely on you to know your stuff, so they don’t have to.